Photos: Rodrigo Garcia-Llauro

Unwritten Law was an emblem to any skate-punk rocker growing up in the late nineties. The band’s debut record Blue Room dropped in 1994, providing a series of anthems filled with teenage angst, but it is their self-titled album they are most known for. Nearly a decade passed before their fourth release Elva saved them from completely disappearing from the scene. Elva amplified Unwritten Law’s energy, power, and confidence, delivering catchy melodies and accessible tracks to their fans. 

An Unwritten Law tour has been way overdue, and using the 15-year anniversary as an excuse, the band set out to put on a show to drive old school fans back to moshing in the pit and surfing over crowds.

The show in Sydney leaves nothing to be desired. Unwritten Law continues to project the youthful energy and emotion they did as supporting acts in the early Warped Tours, the most iconic punk music festival based in North America.

The album’s cover hangs as a huge backdrop as Unwritten Law speeds through the most popular tracks. After approximately 45 minutes of jaw-dropping, body-moshing, arm-skanking performances, a new backdrop rolls to the floor: the iconic pentagram logo from their self-titled album.

The energy in the room elevates as fans barely contain themselves. A courageous one manages to jump over the pit, photographers, and security on his way to the stage, dodging two roadies who try to tackle him to smack lead singer Scott Russo with a kiss on the mouth. And that’s not the only romantic moment. On stage, one of the tour guitarists also proposes marriage.

Unwritten Law’s last release consisted of yet another acoustic album containing well-crafted renditions of their hit songs, along with two new tracks. However, everyone wishes Unwritten Law will draw momentum from this tour to head back into the studio for some new emotive power-punk hits because electric guitars, hard drums, catchy riffs and expressive vocals are what keep the adrenaline flowing in their fans’ veins.

Check out the photos from the show below:

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