Dior’s Winter 2017 show at the Paris Fashion Week was a double anniversary for the brand, marking both the 112th birthday of Christian Dior and Kris Van Assche’s 10th year at the brand. To celebrate that, the latter created one of the strongest statements in brand’s history, a powerful collection with an astounding stage to match.

“HARDIOR” is the brand’s new slogan, so it shouldn’t suprise anyone that the show was opened with flashing neons and booming music, paying homage to the hardcore rave culture of 80s and 90s. All of that prepared to emphasize the collections dark and rebellious nature. Strapped suits, wide-leg pants, huge fur coats, dark capes and leather gloves, all created to look threatening and hypnotic at the same time.

Amidst all these overwhelming lights and sounds, Kris Van Assche has still managed to pay respects to the traditions of the house and its founder, with Christian Dior’s signature tailoring being easily visible on the pieces. Many of them were even turned inside out, to showcase the characteristic stitching.

Multiple celebrities such as rapper A$AP Rocky, fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, and British singer Boy George were present at the show, supporting the uncompromising brand that Dior Homme has become under Van Assche’s lead.