Damir Doma’s latest collection has made its debut during fashion week in Milan and it’s every-bit as avant-garde as we thought it would be. All the outfits are heavily layered and complex but without losing that effortless look, characteristic of pretty much every piece of clothing that Doma designs. The colour palette is mainly focused on neutral and earthly colours but it sometimes ventures into more lively tones, which only adds to its overall dreaminess. From kimoo-styled tops to drapey coats, all the pieces correspond nicely and give a very recognisable vibe, which in spite of all the destroyed and oversized pieces still comes off as very minimal and uncluttered. The collection was made with a wide variety of materials ranging from plush velvet to tarnished leather. The materials might seem extravagant at times, but you can instantly see that they are nothing but a mere addition made to accentuate the silouhettes.