Since Raf Simons has been named as a chief creative officer of Calvin Klain, there has been a constant discussion on what to expect from his debut collection. The expectations for his work are high, not only when it comes to his creative input. Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, the owner of Calvin Klein Inc., hopes that Simons will be able to recreate the success that he had for the past three and a half years as a head of Dior Homme, where he boosted the brands sales up by 60 percent.

Hiring Simons was definitely a risky move, because while Calvin Klein is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable brands in America, it hasn’t been very innovative in the past couple years. Raf Simons on the other hand is a visionary, he simply loves to push boundaries. It would probably be safer for PHV Corp. to hire someone who would stick to their golden formula, without switching things up too much.

The collection released today is called Calvin Klein by Appointment, and it has been released without any interviews or media campaign. This approach goes in line with the looks of the collection itself. It’s minimalist, simple and the models look comfortable wearing it. Calvin Klein claims that it was made to “celebrate American women and American fashion”, and after seeing it we have no reason to doubt that slogan.

Raf Simons will present the brand’s 2017 ready-to-wear collection on February 10. Hopefully it will be equally convincing.