Balmain’s FW17 is a bold tribute to rock music

Oliver Rousteing once said that music and fashion “have been completely intertwined” and that he cannot imagine one without the other. There is definitely a lot of truth to what he said, especially when we take a look at all the great music icons, many of whom have passed away last year. Balmain’s FW17 collection is Rousteing’s tribute to those we’ve recently lost, and it’s definitely an impressive one.

At the opening of the show Rousteing explained that it would follow “the classic trajectory of a rock anthem”. Delivering on his promise, the show opened with light layered knitwear, passed through leathers and ended with splendorous uniforms. The collection was full of rich colors, embroidery and camouflage, which refused to simply blend into background. Many of the pieces were spiced up by the typical Balmain bling, created with sequins and rich metallic details.

Even though this collection might seem to be a bit over the top, it definitely fulfills the narrative set by Rousteing. After all, who were the people always challenging social norms and standards? The answer should seem obvious, icons like Prince and David Bowie.