Oscar Jerome is a finalist of Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition, and a new entrant to the field of late-night electronic torch singers including the likes of Jamie Isaac, James Blake and Jamie Woon. The self-titled release opens with music curling like cigarette smoke while Oscar rouses himself from a numbed state, singing “We just stand up and say no […]”.

The album begins with “Give Back What You Stole From Me.” Although the lyrics concern a depressing political issue in British politics, Jerome has fun with the track’s echoing beats and rumbling bass, his soulful crooning invoking society’s struggles. Glastonbury described the track as “a heady fusion of jazz rhythms, hip-hop bite and soulful melodies… both inexplicably energetic and laid-back.”

Jerome drops the tempo on “2 Sides,” the track recently featured on STW Magazine. Here, hee presents himself in a more intimate light. Produced by Maxwell Win and Oscar Jerome, the track contains tinges of D’Angelo and features an upbeat sax that takes centre stage with Oscar’s vocals.

“You Take Me” unfolds in a warm fog of echoing beats, tipsy keys, rumbling bass, and a repetitive vocal repeating “Again, and again,” another example of Oscar’s magnificence. It would leave Bonobo speechless.

The EP rounds off with “Evil Song,” a cathartic process of self-healing after his break up. It builds over an epic eight minutes through multiple cinematic strings and tumbling percussions. Oscar’s vocals dip from high to low as he screams at the universe with full drama and conviction. It’s not often we receive music so unique and emotional with such a wide range of instruments being implemented in a single track, especially from self-made artists.