Laurie Spiegel. Photo by Louis Forsdale.

Now in its third year, Heroines of Sound is a 3-day event celebrating women’s contribution to electronic music in both the past and present. Female electronic artists transforming electronic sound at the highest levels of pop, experimental and classical will be showcased across a series of concerts, installations, performances, videos and discussion events.

This year’s festival surrounds several focal points: Beatriz Ferreyra and Christine Groult, two composers associated with the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) who evolved experimental analog sound, and also Cathy Berberian, a significant pioneer of vocal practice in the 20th century.

Heroines of Sound 2015, Mimicof
MimiCof. Photo by Marco Microbi

Concerts in this year’s edition include the theremin goddess Dorit Chrysler, conceptual musician Lucrecia Dalt, doom-folk songstress Perera Elsewhere, the multi-instrumental Sofia Härdig, and an experimental set from sound artist JD Zazie. Other sound & light performances will include the SHIROSHI installation from Miako Klein which will be presented for the first time to the public.

Heroines of Sound Festival takes place December 8th-10th at the HAU 2 Performing Arts Center in Berlin. Grab your tickets today.