Halloween is almost here and we’re pretty certain our readers won’t be going out trick-or-treating. Instead, they’ll be looking to host a massive house party, giving their neighbors a sonic fright fest to usher them into autumn the real way. To ensure you enjoy your spooky night as much as possible, we’ve compiled a scary techno playlist filled with bangers as eerie as teenagers k-holing at a warehouse disco.

1. Blawan – “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?”

Blawan’s track is almost too simple in terms of its production. A robotic voice repeats “Why they hide their bodies under my garage?” over beefy drums and a terrifying 4/4 rhythm. It’s intense, just like the majority of Blawan’s productions.


2. Dat Oven – “Icy Lake (Total Freedom Remix)”

Possibly more UK Bass music than anything else, “Icy Lake” is a truly creepy track with a seeming countless number of samples appearing and vanishing into space. “Total Freedom summons a club demon, accentuating the already tense atmosphere with moans from the abyss.” – Nightslugs.net


3. Jeff Mills – “Growth (Axis)”

A track from techno giant Mills which can be placed next to Rob Hood’s “Minimal Nation,” “Growth” resembles a hypnotic trip with an atmospheric but also thrilling repetitive beat.


4. Hamatsuki – “Awkward People On Stupid Planet”

On this journey through space, Carl Sagan’s voice sounds extraordinarily creepy, but it’s also perfect for an especially epic night.


5. DVS1 – “Creeping”

Klockworks is the 13th release on Ben Klock’s label. Many may consider this tune chill, but this track sends shivers down our spines. It makes us feel like we’re stuck in a sewer, and would fit the “Left 4 Dead” theme perfectly.


6. Bjarki – “I Wanna Go Bang”

I Wanna Go Bang” is a massive underground hit, sprinkled with DJ Deeon’s mid-90s sampleSometimes I feel like / I wanna go bang” and encompassed by four-on-the-floor thudding.


7. Ansome – “Tin”

Does it need an introduction? This is right up there with Blawan’s “Why they hide their bodies under my garage?” fueled by exhilarating hi-hats, powerful bass and musical samples that can only remind you of the post-Communist playgrounds.


8. Plastikman – “Ask Yourself (Knobs Remix)”

The intro says it all: a distorted horn and the deep voice reminiscent of the first-person shooter Quake. The Italian producer, Knobs, preys on your insecurities.


9. Tim Xavier – “Speeding Round the Universe feat. George Rontiris”

This one was discovered through Monoloc’s Berghain set from Tim Xavier’s Speeding Around The Universe EP. Solid kicks and distorted voices are enough to make this one of our favorite Halloween tracks.


10. Forest People – “Leviticus”

Released on Genesa Records, “Leviticus” fuses dark music and biblical verses, which is creepy enough in my book.


11. Rezzett – “Yayla”

If you’ve seen Rezzett’s set at C.V.’s SS15 catwalk during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, you’ll understand why it’s made its way onto our list of Halloween tracks. “Yayla” is one of Rezzett’s finest noise productions, defying genre conventions and fucking up our sensibilities at the same time.