A few years ago now, Subrewind was the host of a tiny pirate radio station in Dublin. Paul Purcell held a slot on the radio right after us. One specific day he came down to the studio with an idea in his head of starting his own label. He was humble, he never would brag about it, and at the time no one knew how influential his eye for talent would become. Paul realized his vision and Glacial Sound, the label he set up, became possibly the finest outlet for Instrumental Grime in Ireland, and pushed forward what is one of the most innovative UK underground sound’s at the moment.

Paul became responsible for the major movement in Ireland, a country where the number of grime listeners could have been counted on your fingers. Critics respected the first release Glacial Sound put out, the ‘Double Dragon’ EP from Rabit was a major success not only for putting grime on the map in Ireland but also by bringing world-wide recognition to the label.

Paul has a host of achievements under his belt. From touring globally to spread the sound along with bringing the first Boilerroom event to Ireland. It’s undoubtable that Glacial Sound’s influence has shifted clubbing culture in Ireland.

Three years later, after multiple prosperous releases and tons of experience on his back, Paul brings another project to the spectrum, Glacial Industries is born.

First release on the label comes from V1984, an innovative artist whose music we first heard on Sinjin Hawke’s and Zora Jones’s jaw-dropping Fractal Fantasy project. ‘Becoming (N)one’ EP is a fresh start for V1984, a release that will be available worldwide on the 13th of May.

If you have listened to the artist’s previous work then their evolution is immediately evident. The EP consists of six tracks, two of which can be previewed on the label’s soundcloud. ‘Pre, Post, Pre(-lude) ii’ which is one of them sets the EP in a kineticism with gelid melodies and digital fauna culminating on a plaintive procession afore it gradually drifts off in to the night.

‘Becoming (N)one’ is a fascinating release from an artist who has found his voice. Stream the ‘Pre, Post, Pre(-lude) ii’, make sure to pre-order!

Available from:
Bandcamp: bit.ly/1V4C6S2
Boomkat.com: bit.ly/20ykfmk
Bleep.com: bit.ly/23kutsk
Redeye: bit.ly/1RZtGrK
iTunes: apple.co/235ILAp