Major list of hundreds of Spotify account credentials surfaced on Pastebin, in what many people consider a possibility of a security breach. Database of accounts that was most likely obtained through the use of bruteforce, well know trial-and-error technique used for many, many years.

Spotify were quick to notify its users that their database “has not been hacked” and that its “user records are secure.” Information such as login, password, were acquired by on top of that, the intruder managed to capture information of the specific account type such as family or premium, when the subscription auto-renews and where the account was created.

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The music platform has been having this issue for many years now and it seems that they haven’t dealt with it correctly. Netflix isn’t the only website with such issues, you can buy accounts for netflix, NBA passes, HBO and many other platforms online from online vendors.

Best way to defend your account from brute attacks is with the use of special symbols and spaces, at least this way your password will never be guessed.



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