Adam Verney and Allan Mill known as Vern & Milla are Bristol’s brightest up and coming producers whose multi-faceted sound has found its roots in the city’s wide musical spectrum. Their sound is well rounded, harnessing sparse and exciting dub influences, but with a slight twist of some juke, garage, techno, dancehall, bass, UK Funky, and house. It’s all there.

Vern & Milla’s first traces of work go back three years when the guys were making stems under a different alias, their most notable movement began just over one year ago as they made an official remix of Mirrim’s ‘And I Wish‘. It’s a track that differs from the rest of Vern & Milla’s silhouette. It has future garage vibe with sounds of piano flourishing all over the beginning, a true example that the producers can diversify and create wonderful pieces like this one.



They then began exploring the sounds of the Butterz label. Recognizable brands of synth music made of bright, primary colours, it focuses as much on the songwriting and the funky sounds as it does on club-ready explosives. That is the case with Vern & Milla’s Funky Flip of Brent Kilner’s ‘Get Narstie’ as well as the bootleg of Paleman’s ‘Beezledub’. Both tracks are equally simplistic, whining around two-note progression and creating attractive melody out of basic oscillation. Every now and then you will hear a hi-hat on ‘Beezeldub’ meanwhile ‘Get Narstie’ is a bit more upbeat with an intriguing build up. It all falls in the right spot and would get anyone grooving as the night intensifies.

Fast forward few weeks and you will see Vern & Milla diversify their music once again. Their track ‘Let’s go’ skirts around darker, more grimey and experimental sounds. The track got released on a compilation from the Bristol-Based label, Durkle Disco. Vocal rhytmic elements with flickering rim shots are the main aspects of the track along with upbeat two-step melody.

Personal favourite here. ‘Bugeye’ is a track that was released as part of Artifice V/A Vol.1 compilation on Artifice Label. A lead melody and bassline along with a bouncy opener and funky vocals, Vern & Milla swoon synths just before that funky groove. There’s an organic quality to the evolving melodies, huge transition from their ‘Let’s Go’ track.

With an established name in Bristol, Vern & Milla created their first label, named Prjkts. Two compilations came out within the past year and the label has received all the recognition it deserves with airtime on major radio station in the UK, Rinse FM and Radar Radio. Prjkts, puts out club music for the masses, you will hear all sorts of different genres on the compilations, most importantly it features up and coming but already thoroughly respected producers out of UK. The likes of Barla, Farsight, Nuvaman, Kush Jones and DJ 199? make up their bass-filled catalogue.


Second compilation came out only two months ago and features extremely valuable productions, just have a listen for yourself. Give the first track a try and you will see that Vern & Milla have an eye for talent.


It’s not often you get to feature such hard-working artists. Although rather new in the scene, Vern & Milla have already got plenty of impressive accomplishments under their belt, it’s only matter of time before they become the leading forces of the Bristol’s scene and beyond.