We continue our journey this week by showcasing you this insane talent that emerged from France. We were extremely curious about his past and future, eager to find out we’ve asked number of questions and received answers for all of them. Charly Prioux aka Dehousy is on the rise and he’s one to watch in 2016. This is the second part of our Get to Know series, let’s dig in.


JZ: For those that may not be fully aware, could you tell us about your background?

CP: I started music when I was 12 with drum lessons, then I have continued with a classical piano formation. But step by step, I was tired interpreting music and I wanted to create my own. Dehousy was born in 2012 with my first genuine electronic project.

JZ: How did growing up in France help you shape your musical palette?

CP: In a point, I don’t think living in France helped me with my musical palette. My generation is born with the Internet so with a bit of curiosity, you can discover a lot of different kinds of music, wherever you are.

But on the other hand, when I moved to Paris, it was really helpful because I met new people like guys from Resources (Big up to Tommy Kid!). Thanks to them I was able to see the new musical local scene which influenced the music I make now.

JZ: You bring a lot of genres into your releases, we can hear elements of grime, techno, house and many more in your music. How do you think your production style has developed to the point that it is right now?

CP: I don’t really know. It’s something unconscious, I take everything I discover when I’m listening to music to put in my productions and make it up. However, I don’t want to be contained to one style, I want to make music without being automatically categorized. When you make a hybrid genre, it is a way to be unclassified and exclusive.


JZ: You had some trap releases in the past, is that where you first got started producing? Since then you changed your style completely, are you still settling in or you’ve found your main ground.

CP: To be honest, I really started producing with Chicago house tracks and techno music for a while, but nothing was released. My two trap releases came after that (for me it’s more like club music).

I don’t have my own style yet. It’s something in perpetual evolution to me. Your style reflects your personal milieu, it evolves with your life.

JZ: Have you ever set out with a certain vision for Dehousy, or do you just go with the flow?

CP: I’ve asked myself this question many times in order to find an answer. My only vision with this project might be the fact I just want to make people dance and feel emotional. It’s club music I can’t deny that and I always try to put in some melodies to be more emotional.

JZ: The way you construct your rhythm and melodies is certainly unique, are you self-thaught when it comes to music?

CP: Not exactly. I learned at lot with the classical music formation. I have some basic skills in harmony and counterpoint thanks to it. I try to not have limit when I create tracks. It’s all about feelings.

JZ: When you sit down to produce, do you often have a conscious idea of how you want the track to sound?

CP: It depends a lot. Something I can begin with an idea and make the track around, but I can also produce with nothing at first. I hate the « white page ». Obviously it’s easier to have an idea when you start.

I don’t have my own style yet. It’s something in perpetual evolution to me. Your style reflects your personal milieu, it evolves with your life.

JZ: As soon as artist like you enters the scene, each person puts them in a certain genre category based on their perception. Opinion which often differs from the producer’s, could you tell us how you would describe your music?

CP: When I’m on stage, I always play music which inspires me a lot during production processes. It’s a mix of genres like UK Bass, Techno, Club, Rap which all play part in my productions.

JZ: What is the music like in France, what are the go to places right now in terms of clubbing and having the chance to hear your music live.

CP: In France, electronic music became popular and known by everyone. It has new kind of listeners every year. There is a lot of good producers in Bass and Techno music, so we are lucky to have an eclectic stage full of diversity. The French stage is in a constant development. We will definitely have a kind of new « French touch » in the coming years. There are people there to make a difference.

I am in a group of reflexion managed by Teki Latex. We are a team of few parisian producers and discuss French music to try to create something new and special together, with all our particularities.

I love Parisian parties, I’m going out a lot and I have favourite spots like Le Nouveau Casino, La Java and La Concrete. This is my top 3.

If you want to catch me, I play in a Bel-Air party on the 28th of April at the Wanderlust (Paris).

JZ: Could you tell me about the relationship you have with Teki Latex, how much of an impact has he had on your career so far?

CP: I met him through Tommy Kid (boss of Resources) few months ago. I don’t know him very well but he seems to be an honest and kind guy. Also he invited me to play on his weekly show “Overdrive Infinity” last month.


JZ: What are the producers or artists that you look up to and capture your inspiration from?

CP: It changes very often. Today my inspiration might be Muslimgauze, O’flynn and Alma Negra.


JZ: Have you got a music related dream that you’ve set yourself to achieve?

CP: My dream was to go to Los Angeles, and make music there and have some shows. I achieved it in the summer of 2014.

JZ: What have you got coming up in terms of releases for the coming months?

CP: I don’t know yet, I’m currently working hard on my next EP « Faust ». I’ll see if I release it on my own or with a label. But just before that I have to release a track on a Bel-Air compilation for May.

JZ: If you were to play your last ever record, what would it be?

CP: It’s not an electronic record, but definitively the Piano Concerto No°1 of Rachmaninov.

JZ: Could you tell us about the mix you’ve put together for the radio.

I wanted to be able to play this mix for a party. It’s obviously what I play in my several gigs. It contains a lot of unreleased and exclusive tracks from producers I like (SYV, Lemonick, Chaams, Javascript, Natlek) and two unreleased tracks of my next EP.


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Make sure to tune in to Pulse FM Radio this Sunday evening from 8:00pm (10th of April, 0GMT) as Emmo will be playing the mix out to the listeners before it goes up on soundcloud!

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