The Beatyard 2016

Sometimes great things happen. This is no exception. The Beatyard 2015 was probably one of the highlights of the 2015 festival season. The Beatyard is a new twist on the current offerings in Ireland. A small weekender dedicated to some of the best in Hip-hop. rock, funk & soul, house and so much more.

Who’s behind it? Well it wouldn’t come as a surprise that this is hosted by none other than Bodytonic. These guys have been putting events on since the early Tripod days. With a powerful influence behind other festivals such as Life Festival & The Big Grill, Bodytonic are a driving force in Irish music, food and underground culture.

Last years Beatyard festival was held in Dún Laoghaire on the old HSS boarding platform. It was a truly unique location nestled out away from the city in an undeniably beautiful setting with sea views and easy access from most of Dublin. Luckily it will be returning to the same spot this year but they’re planning on going bigger.

We don’t know much details for this year just yet but we should know soon. All we do know is they’re taking the best of last year and planning on expanding on this to what will be an undeniably fantastic weekend.

So while we await for further updates let’s look at what made The Beatyard so great last year.

The Beatyard 2015 Highlights

The Eatyard

The Beatyard - Eatyard

Bodytonic’s focus on providing the best in everything they deliver means they didn’t hold back in providing a genuinely authentic eating experience in last years event. I found I almost spent more money on food last year than I did booze. Who needed to get a breakfast beforehand when you knew you could head off to 3fe for your coffee pick me up (definitely needed after Day 1), then head straight over to Pie Minister for some lunch getting that full feed before you get your dance on.

What’s for Dinner? Well we’ll let you see below what you could have chosen from.

I wasn’t lying when I said I spent almost more money on food than I did drink. I honestly think I hit 8 out of 11 spots on the list below. There was none of your run of the mill soggy burger and greasy chips on sight in the Eatyard. Portion sizes were not sacrificed either.



The Beatyard - Sneakeryard

Ok, you’ve probably seen Subrewind has gone sneaker mad. Pretty understandable this was going to be a highlight. Hosted by Dub City Sneakz there was a some brilliant collections form Irish brands such as BLOQ and St Street Sneakers. This all backed up by  a huge range from Converse, DCLO Kicks, AOS (Sneaker Art) and so much more. There was a truly different atmosphere in Sneakeryard everyone buzzing with vendors and having the craic.

This was Ireland’s first Sneaker Festival but we’re confident we’ll be seeing more this year. Call it my prediction of The Beatyard 2016 (I’m usually awful at calling these things). Once again another illustration of The Beatyard going above and beyond with what they consider to be a true festival experience. Remember this is so much more than music so don’t be afraid to bring some spare cash.


The Beatyard - GamesyardStarting to see a theme here? Yup everything falling under the term ‘yard’ it’s a small area they managed to get all these areas into but they did a damn good job. The Gamesyard was perfect place to get stuck for hours challenging people to games of Mario Kart before you’re very politely asked to leave by enough people pissed off that you’ve been hogging a controller for half the day.

The Gamesyard featured loads of pinball tables provided by The R.A.G.E., a whopper selection of vinyl records for sale, haircuts provided by BoxCutter Barbershop, a tonne of music, and a Street art arena.



The Acts

11226171_870221286399767_6283900341631831659_nOk, so not all about the music. However, what kind of festival would it be without the music! The Beatyard’s fusion of multiple genres spanned across the weekend and its various stages were a truly brilliant experience. Main highlights on our side were definitely Craig Charles, Gemma Dunleavy, Barrington Levy, and Sister Sledge.

All main acts were span across two main stages sot here was always something worth watching going on.



Tickets are on sale for 2016 now. If we haven’t convinced you with this I don’t think there’s much more we can do! It was well worth every cent for us last year and we will definitely be making a return.

Added bonus here’s one form the archives when Beatyard was a bi-annual event, our review of David Rodigan’s performance way back in 2011.

Images from The Beatyard Facebook page