2016 is an exciting time for grime from Skepta’s announcement of Konnichiwa to Wiley’s surprising confirmation of him actually showing up to his Australian tour. Older generation of artists such as Skepta, Wiley, P Money and JME are encouraging younger generation of MCs to begin recording their stuff. We’ve picked out a couple of them along with some older, well known faces, nevertheless all the mentioned artists are geared up and ready to battle for the King of Grime crown.

Grime may have started as just a UK sound but it’s reaching the masses outside of the country. With Drake “Signing” to BBK and other stars being represented in the states it’s a big year for grime. This is definitely the year that Grime will be brought to the masses. We didn’t need to think too long or hard about this list as big MC’s drop release after release consistently in 2016 it’s an exciting time.

If this was 5 years ago I’m sure we would have struggled coming up with a definitive collection so early on in the year. It’s a big time for Grime!

So let’s move right on to our:

Best Grime Songs of 2016 So Far


Capo Lee ft P Money, Footsie & President T | Liff Remix

Best Grime Songs Capo Lee

SBTV debut for Capo Lee with his highly anticipated remix, showcasing P Money, Footsie and President T. This Grime song has so much energy behind it we couldn’t not choose to pick it.  With a powerful selection of MC’s and quality production on the vid by Saoud Khalaf we recommend giving this one a watch. SBTV is known for high quality. Capo Lee is set for a number of releases in the year ahead which we will be highly anticipating. We definitely wouldn’t complain seeing him creating more collabs with president T either. It’s a knockout combination between the two.

AJ Tracey – Naila

Best Grime Songs Aj Tracey

West London Grime MC, AJ Tracey has dropped his anticipated EP lex Moran EP available via www.ajtracey.co.uk. Demonstrating versatile styles and heavy punchlines on ‘Naila’, have high expectations for AJ’s future grime bars, he’s on his way to become the next big thing.

Aj Tracey has taken the grime scene by storm. We probably could have linked all his grime songs in this piece but we had to choose just one unfortunately. Naila has picked up an insane amount of attention and truly deserves its spot in our Best Grime Songs section. On tour this man is fire. With a uniqe raw energy we expect to see much more form AJ Tracey in the coming months and will undoubtedly make our penultimate best grime songs of 2016 list.

Coco – Big N Serious


Best Grime Songs Coco

Bombastic 140 fare, certainly one the best grime songs of the year so far. Coco, has been named as one of Annie Mac’s artists to watch in 2016 for the latest edition of Mixmag. Sheffield don has exploded on to the scene in 2015 with tracks such as ‘Big Bou Yah’ and ‘Target Practice’, Coco shows his versatility and gives us all the reasons why he’s the man that everyone is talking about by delivering his brand new track, ‘Big N Serious’.

The video for this track is hype and the grime bars popping up on screen along with a wide range of colourful illustrations really make the track pop. Coco has been known for his more colourful side to Grime music. Not so much about the raw side but just lyrical talent spitting at the 140bpm mark,

Commodo feat. Rocks FOE – Set It Straight

Best Grime Songs Rocks Foe

South London MC Rocks FOE is the main focus in this video, spitting insane grime bars over this insane instrumental. By far one of the best grime songs of the year. ‘Set it Straight’ found its suitable home in Bristol’s distinguished imprint Black Acre and it’s available in stores as of 8th of April.

President T – Gunshot Sound

Best Grime Songs President T

President T shares some new grime bars with his ‘Gunshot Sound’, a track from the tape in which Sean D’s whopper bass and glitchy synths hold up President’s badman lyrics. 2016 is going to be a big year for him!

President T has one of the most unique and haunting sounds in Grime. But his delivery of bars is next to none. A well deserved top spot in our list.

Capo Lee – Mud ft. D Double E

Capo Lee has been on a roll in 2015 with his merky grime bars. The North London MC has been present on both legal and pirate radio throughout the year and he’s now showing any signs of slowing down as he launches into 2016 with a new follow up release after his successful Why Not mixtape. Track has been produced by Sir Spyro and features a genuine legend in D Double E with a feature as well as chorus.

D Double E – Like This (prod. Killjoy)

Best Grime Songs D Double E

Track that arrived on the 18th of January, ‘Like This’ is a sleek, wonderful record. D Double spits his grime bars over Killjoy’s ‘Turnt Ones VIP’ instrumental which originally appeared on the ‘Formula’s f=BASS²’ compilation.


Best Grime Songs Killa P

What more is there to say about this!? The Bug Skeng has got a reboot from none other than Killa P. Leng is an energetic track that hasn’t taken too much away from the original Skeng by The Bug and Flowdan. While the flow is quite similar to its predecessor Killa P shows a fresh take on the Grime bars which he presents and a nice different twist to the original classic.

Ghetts x Rude Kid – One Take

Best Grime Songs Ghetts

Grime doesn’t get much realer than Ghetts and Rude Kid. The two met up to combine their production and MC talent to help create what they have called #SixFiveThree—six tracks, five days, three music recordings—and for G-H, it was a characteristic procedure. “There’s not many people who can do the darkside production well in grime,” he told Complex. I don’t generally like all that upbeat, bubbly stuff—I like it distraught dull and Rude Kid does that well. He makes beats that incite my composition in this way, for me, he is anything but difficult to work with.” This is a statement that rings all too true with us. It takes a certain talent to be able to come up with music like this which is lacking in many areas. Both Ghetts and Rude Kid have nailed it in this track and we will be more than delighted to hear more from them in the future.

Chase & Status – NRG (Audio) ft. Novelist

Best Grime Songs Novelist

Well what more is there to say here? Novelist brought forward some of the best grime songs of 2015 with his powerful team up with Mumdance. Sadly, cancelling in Dublin earlier in the year we just narrowly missed seeing the man in action. All anger is set aside from hearing this release with Chase & Status on production duties.

We covered Novelist most recent grime instrumental on Tax the MP’s over here. Showcasing a man who really is helping the Grime movement through an understanding of how the real Grime fans feel towards the government and following the trends of popular artists too. We will talk about the light hearted tone of Grime below but in this case Novelist is trying to spread a message through his music and it’s got some power behind it.

Lethal Bizzle ft. JME & Face – BOX

Best Grime Songs Lethal Bizzle

Lethal Bizzle & JME do we really need to say more? These guys are able to turn parody into something that truly means something and provides real takeaway. These tracks our chart hitters showing the wide diversity that Grime has an offer in musical direction. It’s not all drugs, guns and armour. Grime is a truly diverse genre that is slowly starting to get the recognition it truly deserves due to pioneers like these pushing the scene and showing how far this sound can truly be taken.

Rocks FOE – “Law”

Rocks FOE is one of the most hyped artists for 2016 and it’s no surprise as to why.  Law is one of the most anticipated releases of 2016 as Rocks FOE has been pitted by many artists and sites to be a powerful force this year. A man who keeps his movements quite discreet it only adds to the illusion.

Rocks “Legion Outtakes” EP ended 2015 for us on an incredibly high note with his opening “Round One” illustrating the raw power and strength that he can emit from his vocals and finishing off with “Winter is Coming” showing he is not just a man who can spit some Grime Bars but he also has a brilliant talent at producing Grime Instrumentals that any MC would happily spit over.

Skepta – Man

Best Grime Songs Skepta

He’s been the man, still is the man and will most likely never not be the man. A release form Skepta at this point is almost guaranteed hall of fame material. It’s incredibly rare to see a Skepta track that flops. He has undoubtedly held the Grime scene up over the last decade and helped raise the Grime flag across the world. His recent ties to Drake has helped build a lot of hype around the Grime scene this year and as more exposure grows it will definitely put Grime on the world map.

Teddy Music – Not For The TV

Dj and producer Teddy has collaborated with pretty much every Grime MC worth mentioning. He has single headedly championed some of the best grime songs to date and 2016 will be no different. We’re expecting to hear much more form this man as the year goes on. Kicking it off with this banger “Not For the Tv” where we see Teddy spitting some grime bars himself.

Teddy has a regular Rinse FM slow every Monday from 5-7pm where he highlights some of the best in Grime, hip-hop and R&B. It’s a show we refuse to miss.

Shizz McNaughty – Practice Hours

Shizz McNaughty (a.k.a Peter McNulty) has been working on his grind from the age of 9. With backing from some of the most influential grime MC’s out there such as, Wiley, Skepta and the Ruff Sqwad crew Shizz had a great head start into the Grime scene. Hard work and perseverance has set this man straight into our best grime songs of 2916 list purely from his consistent releases time after time.

With the last two years brining massive multitude of growth and attention to the grime scene. Big artists like Skepta, Wiley, P Money, JME have found success with modern breakthrough grime hits. Not only that, they have encouraged younger generation of MCs to come through and record their music. This is the case with Shizz McNaughty, young artists from Bow brings something new to the table.

Shizz digs deep into the video archives with the legendary Conflict and Practice Hours DVDs as well as future Shorts, he’s bringing it all the way back in his nostalgic video. He spits over Plastician’s ‘Cha VIP’ instrumental.

Novelist “Tax The MP’s”

Another strong runner for best grime song of the year so far is undoubtedly Novelist’s “Tax The MP’s” track which has been dubbed as a grime instrumental going against the governemnt and creating a rise in an anti-establishment sentiment in Grime.

Stormzy – “One Take Freestyle”

So we had Ghetts previously with One Take, up next came Grime wonder kid of 2015 Stormzy giving his own unique twist on the track. Stormzy is a name that is known in most UK households at this point and has even found his way over to less popular Ireland. This is an impressive feat since Ireland has not been as welcoming to the Grime sound. This is mostly due to the fact of the grime sound not being part of an Irish culture but however as we see more talent rising to the top and a more universal sound being paved out it’s a strong illustration of where Grime is at at this point. People are able to relate to a lot of the new tracks coming out these days and this is nothing but a good thing for these artists.

Have we missed anything you think should be mentioned above? Let us know!

It’s undeniable that Grime has made some serious moves this year so far and we can’t see the movement slowing down. With this many tracks so far what is yet to be expected for the rest of 2016? This will be an interesting year to watch unfold and we are more than delighted to see the rise in Grime. A genre which truly deserves the love it’s getting.

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