With Thom Yorke saying he’s ‘fucked off’ with the prices for the tickets to his show as many are being resold at over £1,000. Meanwhile due to the updates to TLOP, Tidal have extended its users’ free premium, it’s certainly great gesture of good will given how many people whined about it. Kanye will be Kanye.

Without further ado here is our selection of the tracks of the week.

Ross: Kannan, Eyez & Dubzy – Hungry For Dis [REMIX] Ft JDot, KDot & Kamakaze (Prod. By Mistakay)

We’ve talked about Mistakay few weeks ago, he’s a man on the rise. This time he used his production skills to help out Kannon and Eyez. It’s classy throughout.

Jake: Bwana – Capsule’s Pride

Bwana is putting out an EP inspired by Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira, a classic anime film from 1988. The release is available on LuckyMe right now.

Emmo: Flume – Never Be Like You feat. Kai (Disclosure Remix)

Disclosure have remixed Flume’s “Never Be Like You” [ft. Kai]. It’s the duo’s first remix in two years. Check it out below.

Oisin: ZHI16 – No.5

Beijing producer ZHI16 comes in with a trippy sampling of James Blake’s track “I never learnt to share” bass heavy kicks and resonating synths creates a completely new take on the James Blake inspired tune.

The whole EP with tracks titled No1 through to No5 were created as one project file and split up afterwards creates a smooth transitioning to each track along with a 30 minute story which you can listen to unfold.

Piotr: Denzel Curry – ULT

On ‘ULT’ Denzel Curry fuses his aggressive rapping with cloudy instrumental, and aggressive beat that together with insanely catchy hook create a very immerse experience.

Max: Boston 168 – Nightcall

Oldschool driven hardware gooves! Trippy and spaced out acid techno by Italian duo Boston 168. Outstanding coverprint, shrinked and DJ friendly 140g pressing. Mastering and Cut by CGB at Dubplates and Mastering.