Its concept isn’t revolutionary, you’re basically looking at the Stan Smiths in different colours. Never the less these New Balance shoes add something to the table, they showcase premium take on the design that doesn’t include a retardly high price, these shoes are going to be sold for $120 to the raffle winners. It’s a reasonable amount given the fact how these shoes are most likely going to have a relatively high resell value given its exclusivity and hype around it.

Three different colours are to be releases, shoes will come in powder white, excalibur and black colourways. Just to add some extras to it, the shoes will feature asymmetrical gold and silver logos which were applied to both black and white versions.

Limited to just 100 pairs, the shoes will drop in both (three-pack) for $360 which includes the excalibur coloured shoes, but also individual pairs for $120, however only for black and white ones.

Raffle is being held at BAIT’s website.