Bristol producer, not the fictional character from the Wacky Races. Muttley is one of the biggest up and coming artists in the underground scene. And we’re talking about a guy who isn’t scared of switching up the gear, all of his tracks vary in style, genre and bpm showcasing his lack of fear for diversity. If you ever see Muttley live, chances are you will be taken on a journey of discovery of new music featuring genres such as dubstep, grime, trap, dancehall, dub, and many more.

In this case, ‘Tamaki’ EP features his dubstep production capabilities. Muttley goes right up to the 140bpm level. EP starts off with a momentum building dub/reggae type of track and rasta proclamations. One thing may come to your mind… the old Deep Medi material. ‘Legions’ makes the perfect type of track for the beginning of the night just to get people in the right mood.

Next up, ‘Tamaki’ title-track that begins with a very familiar ‘Midnight Request Line’ sample which immediately gets taken over by the sci-fi sounds and basslines. As the track evolves, one familiar beat arises, ‘Skeng’ dutty bassline continues the listener’s journey along the dubstep classics.

‘The People’ with its delayed percussion and rather in-the-face snares continue the original theme of the EP  with sci-fi sounds being the main focus throughout. Deep voices penetrate the veil and present themselves in the build up moments.

Finally ‘Enemy’ finishes the EP up with one of the most upbeat tracks. With spacey, synthesised sounds it will most definitely remind people of Coki. Track has a powerful bassline with many clicks and fading sounds in the background.

With this release, Muttley shows his true knowledge of production techniques, he creates a nostalgic atmosphere however at the same time he innovates. Tamaki EP is a flashback to the roots of Dubstep presenting all of its most flourishing aspects with heavy bass, space, drops and mastered drum patters. Support from the likes of Mala, Compa, Tunnidge and other dubstep artists is given, once they get their hands on this release.

Give it a listen below and make sure to support the artist.