Despite pressure from the Australian government to shut down the festival due to security concerns. Maitreya festival was denied its permit needed to return to its original location, instead they have decided to fuck the authorities and move to a secret location.

From the gathered information, it shows that the festival was asked to inform the attenders that they will not be going ahead with plans, instead they have told their goers just to follow the signs as the event will be just ‘down the road’ from its previously designated area.

As the festival hits its 10th anniversary, they have booked some serious acts such as Âme, Robert Babicz, Sébastien Léger and many many more.

Victoria Police have written a statement informing the festival organisers and goers of the situation and discouraging parties responsible of going ahead with plans as they are monitoring the situation. They also stated that the emergency ambulances won’t be brought to the area as the event is considered illegal. There are always chances of the authorities to shut down the party completely if it goes ahead.

Despite all, organisers managed to get an alternate emergency medical care and will have doctors and medical staff on site 24/7 to support the 10,000 event goers. Also, stages, facilities with toilets, showers food and market stalls are being built.

It’s interesting what’s going to happen at the event, we will continue to seek more information and will do a follow up article on the outcomes after this weekend.