When you think of grime, the first thing that may pop to your mind are people like Wiley or Skepta. However like any other genre, there’s a lot more to it than its commercial side of things. There’s a lot more to it than just shouty basslines and people spitting over them, here is where the likes of LTHL come along, although it’s hard to attach him to any particular genre with his ever changing sounds, Guy carves out his own niche with sound.

The shattered compositions of the Canterbury  Based producer LTHL are abstract and largely hard to pin down however the titles of the tracks guide us through the labyrinth. LTHL has shed conspicuous genres trapping and shucked off layers off them aiming towards something more intriguing, at times barely grime at all. His tracks vary, they go from an upbeat euphoria down to tracks that will haunt your post gig drives. At the same time, based on the idea of varying titles of the tracks, Guy attempts to make the connection between spirituality and music.

EP opens up with a mysterious track titled ‘233’. It’s relaxing, putting you in the right type of mood on your way home from an after party or… a rave. Delicate digital sounds hit your ear drums and take you on a journey, perhaps 233 is the number of the bus. LTHL gives plenty of room to breathe on his track, layering it precariously however avoids any terrorising sounds.

‘Non’ the second track of the EP acts as the perfect type of an opener of a set. Once again it’s not a shock to the system, track evokes into digital explosion with the upbeat sounds slowly waking up from the hibernation, ‘Non’ has the ability to put club goers in the right mood before they lose their shit.

‘XXIII’ is where it all begins though, with the Visionist-esque sounds building the strobing climax, it’s a pat on the back. The title of the track may indicate John Paul 23rd, Guy is currently studying Theology, hence why a lot of his inspiration comes from the variety of different religions. Track’s clocking in at less than four minutes, it has a discomfiting way of ending just as you expect it to peak.

Next up there’s ‘Yama’, straight out of Hinduism, Yama refers to the god of dead or underworld. It’s LTHL’s first take on the heart-racing upbeat track. As the tracks goes through the climatic stages, melody evolves in the background and harmonises the track. The sinuous synths stack up over sparse kick pattern and eventually it dissipates leaving the melody on its own.

‘Untitled’, is one of its kind. Track already received love from the likes of Spooky. Simple buildup leads to an aggressive drop followed by digital robotics followed by snares. ‘Untitled’ will get anyone nodding, although grime, it’s not a track that anyone would dare to spit over. Track signifies a digital battle. It’s a form of escapism from the ordinary world straight into the digiweb where anyone can be the keyboard warrior. The virtual world is much better than the everyday reality of life. You are entitled to be whoever, or whatever you feel like being.

At last, the EP ends with ‘Prophet’, it’s an anti-climatic track showcasing the struggle against depression but in the end you rise above it and win no matter had bad it gets. Track signifies a fresh start with its slo-mo synths and melody eventually washing away. As the name of the track signifies, it exemplifies a prophet, person responsible for the delivery of a message for a specific purpose. In this purpose it’s to forget and forgive.


You can now stream LTHL’s EP below as well as preorder it over at District Sound’s Bandcamp Page.

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