News came in today as End Clothing have launched their own website for limited editions of sneaker releases. Sneakersheads will now be able to stay on top of things by following the releases of their favourite limited editions, without being distracted by normal stock items. It’s a big step forward for the company, separating ordinary stock from extraordinary, not only that, End Clothing will be hosted on a different system giving them a piece of mind on a highly popular items.

The microsite allows customers to register online and purchase those highly anticipated sneakers without having to fight a lost battle against bots and downtime. Its aim is to improve the customers’ experience, allowing fairness across the board and get rid of the shitty bots. Launch of the project called ‘Launches‘ starts today and here are few tips on how it works:

  • Register for any release by entering your email address, shipping address and choosing your size
  • When the product drops we’ll email all registrants a link to the purchase page
  • On clicking the link, you’ll join a queue system with stock allocated on a first come first serve basis
  • If you are allocated stock, you will have 5 minutes to complete the payment/checkout process
  • If a user does not complete payment within 5 minutes, the product will be re-allocated to the next person in the queue