As we reported yesterday, the Maitreya festival was due to go ahead despite their lack of license for the event to be held at that location. Organisers simply did not care and decided to move the festival just ‘down the road’.

Today however news came through informing us that the festival will not go ahead due to possibly one of the most anti-climatic end in the history of all festivals. Maitreya will not be taking place due to BAD WEATHER conditions.

The festival was due to celebrate its 10th birthday but on Thursday afternoon the organisers have announced the cancellation. It is noted that the rain will continue throughout the weekend and already 7.8mm have fallen on the site. ‘To the dear people of our tribe, we are having to call off the event due to the weather that has occurred up on site the past 24 hours,‘ Facebook message reads. ‘There is no safe way into and out of the site. We urge you not to come as it is not safe onsite. Thank you for all your support and we will be in touch soon. X Maitreya team.

A lot of relatively funny comments arised as the ridiculous news came through, few of them are worth nothing:

8mm of rain on bone dry earth scattered over 12 hours….hardly need to build Noah’s Ark’

It says on your website rail hail and shine?‘ said another.