7 Times YouTube has Got Grime Lyrics Wrong.

Grime isn’t exactly a slow paced form of music. Nor is the slang that many artists choose to use very comprehensible to your average English speaker. YouTube’s CC turns out still tries to dictate grime lyrics for it’s users which, of course, provides some fantastic entertainment when you look at what YouTube does when it deciphers most grime lyrics.

Chip – One Take

I don’t know here if YouTube are actually trying to insult Chip himself here but I find it quite relevant over all the beef he’s been getting over still looking like a child.

What Chip is saying:

“You don’t wanna hold couple shots from man
If I pen pass send man you’re a dead man”

This perfectly strikes a balance between Chip’s look of infancy and desperate attempts to still be gangster

Chip - One Take Grime Lyrics

Stormzy – Shut Up

We believe YouTube were purely trying to just decipher Stormzy saying Shut Up here but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they also got a little confused with him saying “Best in the Scene” too.

I can just picture it now. Stormzy up on the slopes with his raspy voice shouting down to the folk of the town about the impending avalanche that’s going to drop with his next fire freestyle.

Grime Lyrics Stormzy - Shut Up Closed Caption screenshot

Lethal Bizzle – On Losing his iPhone

Back when Lethal B was doing his infamous Vlogs seeing them thrown around the internet it made me shudder inside at the thought of listening to him screaming down a camera for up to 10 minutes.

Opening up with him screeching “Leave it Yeah” into your headphones at the same volume you’ve come to expect from a porno it catches you completely off guard and quickly rushing to turn the volume down.

We believe YouTube’s CC translation to him saying “Leave it Yeah” perfectly personified how we all felt at the idea of having to listen through one of his Vlogs.

Grime Lyrics Lethal Bizzle - Leave it Yeah CC

Chip – School of Grime ft D Double E & Jammer (Streets Remix)

Oh do we have a triple here for you! (I’m also running out of videos with CC) but we’ve got a few gems on this one.

Once again sorry Chip you’re getting no love here.

So what’s he actually saying?

Man just gassed, man don’t want it,
Man know chipmunk, man know I’m froggy”

To be perfectly honest with you I think it makes more sense at the idea of Chip shitting himself running rather than comparing himself to a frog.

Grime Lyrics Chip - School of Grime Chip turn

It was incredibly hard to find a video with a D Double E track that was Closed Captioned but that’s understandable YouTube’s algorithm probably can’t detect any language coming from any of his tracks and then questions humanity with the fact that so many songs that are pure gibberish get so many hits. This will be part of the justification for destroying the human race when the computers revolt.

The irony is what D Double is actually saying is:

“If you look deeper, you will find,
I am the deepest of all time.”

Actually somewhat relates to a completely misinterpreted lyric stating he is the bookkeeper D Double’s intelligence knows no bounds. /s However, he’s also a pro at DP. I’d say him and Lethal B team up in these instances. D Double brings the talent, Lethal B brings the porn sounds. Urban Dictionary link to DP for the confused.
Grime Lyrics Chip - School of Grime D double E turn

Woah!!! Hold on spoke too soon. I need to apologise above for what was said about D Double. We’ve just moved onto Jammer’s verse. It was actually hard enough to pick a good one here. YouTube seemed to only be able to pick up one word per bar this one works pretty well though.

What he’s actually saying:

“Me and D Double causing trouble since”

But YouTube seems to be going backwards on this one and going slightly OTT on the trouble they’ve been getting up to. To all the grime heads out there, let me set something straight. I understand a lot of your influences come from the streets that makes sense. Talk about drugs, woman, guns all you want but please don’t take inspiration from YouTube and start comparing your antics to the bloody holocaust it’s not cool….

Grime Lyrics Holocaust with Doubles

JME – Work

Ok so here we go, JME dropping more of his knowledge bombs how to get on in life. A man full of wisdom and insane talent. I’m a big fan of JME and really like how he often talks about not needing to rap about guns and things. (Even though he now raps about not rapping about this stuff) But he’s gone too far on this one.

In the midst of telling people to put in work for all the luxuries we want. He has stated in the track:

“You want that Beamer, you want that merc?”

He has let YouTube decipher what he’s actually getting at. JME….. Is this really how you got all your money??

Grime Lyrics JME Cock


Well let’s wrap it up here I’ve had my fill of laughs from this and I don’t think I could handle any more.

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