North West London rapper has been putting UK back on the hip-hop map for a couple of years now and whether you follow the scene or not, you should be familiar with Nines by now.

His word play continues to shine as he subsumes moment from his life and packs them into his lyrics, Nines never seems to disappoint. This case doesn’t change for ‘Yay’ as Nines raps about his childhood, he talks about his childhood friend who fell in love with the ‘Yay’ which is a slang word for cocaine. Her addiction has gone to the point that she cannot give up.

‘Yay’ is track out of his mixtape titled ‘OneFootIn’ which came out on Jamal Edwards’ SBTV channel. Jamal is a true admirer of Nines and he’s been supporting him since 2011 when Nines released his first mixtape under the SBTV flagship.

Check out the new visuals for ‘Yay’ below and if you haven’t heard of Nines before, remember his name as it’s only a matter of time before he releases an album that will be able to compete with the Americans in terms of content, flow and musicianship.