Mowgli is a man of mystery, a rapper with one of the best flows around who found significant support from both critics and the public when he guest vocalled on Old Apparatus’s track “Hammerhand”. We caught up with him as he took some time out from collecting oddities and travelling through time.
What should our readers be expecting from Montalk? 

Montalk is a vocal tribute to some great producers. It is important. You must hear it. Luckily you can.
I was in Cairo, NY when it ended. It started on a boat. Someone very similar to myself showed me how to activate 3 out of my 223 extraterrestrial genes using only a device. I said what I heard. I took an oath on the salted bread and swore I wouldn’t tell anyone what I saw. I made a smaller version of the device with simple electromagnets and Rodin coils on my return. They showed me a galaxy torn in two and how to become the earth and the physical matter around you. I was told I was allowed to converse with artist Jason Kerley about what I saw and he translated it into the visual part of the project which is what you see.

Can you take us back, how did you first get into music? 
The creation of harmonics is simply the fundamental dividing itself by two over and over again. The next step is the harmonics sounding together and with the fundamental causing the summation and different tones. For instance: 2 as a fundamental gives rise to 4 or 8 or 16 as harmonics. I was at this stage after 4 days of being in this incarnation.
The single fundamental gives rise to its harmonics and all the rest are derived from it ‘spontaneously’. Therefore no thing can exist by itself. All things are related sympathetically. All notes are one.
I was into music before I was created. Nothing is not music.

What one piece of sick flow did you wish you had written and performed?

In order of importance:
1. Enochian
2. Hebrew
2a). Sumerian
3. Playdays theme tunes. In order of importance:
a) The Dot Stop
b) The Playground Stop
c) The Tent Stop
d) All other stops
4. Some things I haven’t recorded yet that my other self is teaching me how to perform.
5. 93
Most other people I have had a go as while dreaming. They could be deep. Titus Gluvs from 4i2i is better than your favourite rapper*. I don’t wish I was him though. I have never dreamt about him.
*this statement is true.


Talk to me a little bit about Mount Kimbie, they wrote the music that you have used as your musical inspiration for this new project. 


Yes. That is true. They both look male. Seem nice. Probably have good prospects. Good social standing. Produce lovely music. I met them in the future*. We played table tennis with kippers on a table made of antimony. The ball was imaginary. Roll on roll off. It was a draw. There was a laser light show at the end. They then ascended back into light. I never saw them again.


I travelled back too far and made what I could remember then had to wait till the present.


I will only make music with people from the future. Or non-physical beings. This is now a rule.

*cite references.


You are obviously speaking to us from the future. What insights can you give us into how music will develop in the next few years?


In the future you will be able to bore holes in the side of a mountain with a handheld sound device. In the future you will be able to carry 700 tonne objects on one finger by playing certain notes into them. Maybe you will make them float around you. In the future you will cure all disease with different notes. Or wait was that the past? I forget where I am anymore. In the future you can listen to music in a machine that enables you to travel to the future by doing so. In future you can embed thoughts physically into music. Or was that the present? In the future these things are normal.


What are your plans for touring this release? 


There is an Audio-Visual set with visual artist Tovanski aka Ketamine Camera, that is something worth watching/experiencing. It will combine esoteric technology and techniques we have learnt on our travels and studies. I cannot say too much about it other than you should experience it.


A tour has not formalised as yet as there are no agents worthy of our time. Please contact if [email protected] if you are. No ‘present dayers’ need apply. He shall in every way establish perfect control of his wit according to the advice of his Philosophus, for that the ordeal of advancement is no light one.


They must at the very least be competent in these week long exercises:

(a) Avoid using some common word, such as “and” or “the” or “but”; use a paraphrase.

(b) Avoid using some letter of the alphabet, such as “t”, or “s”. or “m”; use a paraphrase.

(c) Avoid using the pronouns and adjectives of the first person; use a paraphrase.

And if on occasion they are betrayed into saying what they have sworn to avoid, have cut themselves sharply upon the wrists or forearm with a razor; even as thou shouldst beat a disobedient dog. Feareth not the Unicorn the claws and teeth of the Lion?


To avoid further rigorous examination, book us. We may manifest.


When can we get to hear some more new material from you? 


Extremely soon. There will be pre-order for another project imminently. I can’t say what it entails. Other than it will solve some of the great mysteries of religion for you, if you can see it you will find the secrets we are under oath not to tell you, we have had a child, have met the new Pythagoras, have made something living from something not, there is a healthy dose of hardcore arthouse pornography, strong ‘psychedelics’, new genres such as post-grime, Witch House Sabbath, Chaffinch, Dimitri step, and BDSM Jazz, strange crytozooligical animals, hemocyanin, a miniature crown for a miniature head, a virgin, anti-gravity, flotation tanks, harnessing what comes below Gluons and bottling it, Gollums, Delta T antennas, radionics, other worldly beings, a journey I may not return from, and conversations with *i*g* *e***s. Many releases coming. No giveaways.


I will always begin where I left off just as an apple appears on a limb, as it did last year. Except the apple may have become a different colour that you don’t recognise and can’t place. Don’t eat the apple. Eat the seed though. It will cure you. Succeed.