Josh pan has just released remix of Keith Ape’s “It G Ma” featuring Dumbfoundead, A$AP Ferg, Okasian, Waka Flocka Flame with additional verse from Anderson .Paak. The 14-minute track took over a year of work, and we can definitely say it was time well spent because the end result is simply astonishing. The track was co-produced by sakuraburst, MISOGI, X&G, MEDASIN. and osh, whose influences you can definitely hear. The new verse by Anderson .Paak appears at 8.55, if you want to check it out, but we would still recommend listening to the whole thing since “Opus” is a complete re-work of “It G Ma”, and is a very fresh expirience throughout the whole 14 minutes. Even if you have listened to the original, or the first remix that didn’t feature Anderson .Paak.

Check it out below.