Resident Advisor’s Top 1 artists for 3 consecutive years, Dixon is set to play an 8 hour thriller at the London’s Oval Space nightclub.

Master of his craft, Dixon is possibly one of the most diversified djs in the world right now. His roots go way back to the early 90s, back when mixes didn’t matter, djs had to showcase their skills in front of a judge in order to get noticed and be given an opportunity to take it to the clubs. Crowds were more demanding than they are now, clubs relied heavily on the regulars who knew what they were coming for, they came for the good experience and they stuck at it for as long as it lasted. Dixon’s talent was quickly discovered as he was able to satisfy every club goer’s needs with each set starting off with soothing tracks that got everyone in the crowd nodding their heads with approval, he then would work towards a peak and once again turning it down, making it an unforgettable experience with the swing moods.

Almost 20 years later, Dixon still brings joy wherever he plays, he devoted his life towards music and takes his profession seriously, he is an artist on a never ending mission. His set at Oval Space will be a continuation to his long journey with many house bombs fitted in his architectural set.

Saturday – 9th of April, from 22:00 – 06:00 – Oval Space Music presents Dixon All Night Long at Oval Space 

Check out Dixon play to the Boiler Room crowd:

Dixon Boiler Room x Dekmantel x IR DJ Set by brtvofficial