A Toronto producer, Bwana has been on a mission since his release of “Baby Let Me Finish” in 2011. Innovative post-dubstep track with intriguing drums and addictive Ciara vocal showcased
the best of what Bwana had to offer. In fact he never stopped impressing, even in 2012 when Andriana Albert interviewed him for Subrewind, Bwana was already on the radar of Mad Decent, Resident Advisor and RinseFM.

This progress has never stopped and Bwana is putting out an EP inspired by Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira, a classic anime film from 1988. The release will be available for free on LuckyMe once it’s completed.

The EP comes after a very successful year for Bwana, with a follow up release on AUS Music. This will be his first release on Hudson Mohawke’s label, LuckyMe.

01. Capsule’s Pride (Bikes)
02. Kiyoko’s Vision
03. Nightfall in Neo-Tokyo
04. Failed Escape (Where You Belong)
05. The Colonel’s Mistake, The Scientist’s Regret
06. S.O.L
07. Akira’s Light
08. K&K (Lovers In The Light)
09. Tetsuo’s Dance (Ascendance)

LuckyMe will release Capsule’s Pride on March 26th, 2016.