George Fitzgerald is like the goddamn Harry Potter of House. Filling in the curves against my all-time favorite Jock Jams sample takes some serious wizardry. In any other instance, starting off a four song EP with a “woo” sample would come off as cliche and trying too hard, but for my man George, instead it comes off as reaching back through time to snag the best aspects of a lost generation (a Jock Jams sample) and sling shots that shit back to present day.

He hypnotizes/brainwashes you with pulsating basslines and weird static pressed percussion tinges over what sounds like a possessed house music drill sargent hypnotizing you with looped phrases. The not so subliminal message is clear, George Fitzgerald is creating a new brand of house music that’s darker and edgier but with mass appeal. Don’t believe me? Head down to The Twisted Pepper on the 6th of July and find out for yourself. Not like you had plans anyways.

Mud: Not Saying Boo Present




& more TBA

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