Many of you probably never heard of Bodhi. Well Luke Welsby and Olly Howells (aka Bodhi) played in a band before they dived into electronic music production. Their label, Push & Run has recently put out few bootlegs, Bodhi’s refix of ‘Say My Name’ being one of them. This little track has been stuck in my head ever since the first listen and I thought they deserve some recognition for their amazing work.

Their second free track is a remix of ShadowBox’s track ‘AM’. The original version will appear in his Haunted by Colors EP, which will be released on the 24th of July through Picture Music. The remix brings something new to the table as Bodhi brightens up the dark production with some serous sunny vibes that get me moving since the beginning. They’ve pitched the vocals so that it suits the theme of transformation from dark and gothy into vocal-based disco-pop.

Just to finish off, today they’ve added one more to the collection of free tunes by giving away ‘What You Say’. Once again giving that feel of summer with its old-school swing to it and groovy vocals. We certainly cannot wait to hear more from this duo as they’re making their name in the electric scene.