The London based duo Kodiak have their inaugural release on Jack Masters’s NMBRS label. This release has the title tune “Spreo Superbus” and remixes from Girl Unit and Actress.

This song reminds me a lot of previous releases on NMBRS, almost as if Kodiak are painting from the same palette or drawing from the same sonic library.

The song builds and collapses with the sound of an engine powering up and down. The 4×4 pattern is masked behind paradiddles and excellent interplay between toms and rim shots giving the deceiving impression of a breaks pattern.

The song really works and sounds very impressive with a big sub providing substance to the kicks.

Moving onto the remixes, Actress manages to keep up his impressive run of productions without tying himself down to one style. Here Actress has plumped for a an almost 80s inspired remix. I can hear bars of “Time after time” before massive crushing bass stabs punctuate the utilitarian arrangement. The song falls apart a little too much at the breakdown for me and some of the vocal elements detract slightly from the melody but I think this remix definitely adds a softer element to the original piece.

The Girl Unit remix brings much more energy to the table. Heavily relying on classic roland percussive elements the song is reworked into a stomping dance floor filler. The use of reverb allied with the bass line ensures that the sense of space is not lost. For me this remix is slightly better than the original material but I can see a place for each in the record bag of DJs looking to play Bass music.

Kodiak – Spreo Superbus w/ Actress & Girl Unit Remixes (Out 5th March 2012) by Numbers