2012 kicks of exactly where 2011 ended for Roska and the RKS label. This time the funky comes courtesy of DJ Naughty.

DJ Naughty has been pushing the UK Funky scene since early in 2007 alongside pioneers Geenus, Roska and Crazy Cousinz. This North London based producer has had a steady stream of productions since then and has been tearing up dances all over the UK.

Not to be confused with the German DJ Naughty who shares a moniker but is without the UK artists love of broken beats and huge bass lines.

This three track EP consists of Dangerzone, Louder and Unstoppable. These tracks should be familiar to anyone paying attention to the UK Funky scene with significant support on BBC R1 and RinseFM amongst others.

Dangerzone is an uptempo production that starts with roland drum machine claps and kicks. The bass again has been working out with the LFO on and it shows. The beats in Dangerzone do get very robotic and the interesting use of bass just about saves the song from being an also ran.

Louder is the standout track on the EP that is released digitally on the 16th of January on RKS. The song has a great energy and urgency. Delay and reverb help the beats to swing until and punishing bass line kicks in. It is a song that exists between the House and Funky rhythms and  could work just as easily with the “post-dubstep” 135pm speed range. When we played this track on the radio last week it got a great response and it made us think that Dublin needs more UK Funky nights.

Unstoppable is the standard arrangement of kicks and snares with stabs and synths rolling over the beats until the two minute mark when Naughty takes the bass line for a wander around some paths that could easily been in dubstep country. It makes the song listenable and sets it apart from the normal UK funky tunes.

Overall this release promised a lot and delivered a little less than it should have. I love DJ Naughty’s sound but on this release I just found it a little hollow. Louder is still a banger of a track but the other two tracks could have been reworked to give something more.